17-18 Nissan Titan Greenstuff 6000 Series Truck/SUV Brake Pads

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Trucks and SUVs typically require compound that's more metallic than organic to compensate for the weight of the vehicle. EBC's Greenstuff 6000 Brake Pads breaks the mold in that regard. Made of mostly organic compound, the Greenstuff 6000 offers a 15% brake improvement while only producing a medium to low amount of dust. As with all EBC pads, the pad offers high friction and fade resistance and outperforms stock brake pads and other aftermarket brake pads. Being as the pad is mostly organic, it's quite gentle with the rotors even when providing massive braking power so the rotors are sure to last longer than most. EBC Greenstuff 6000 Pads is equally effective in off-road conditions be it in sand or dust.


  • Position: Front
  • Pad Material: Organic
  • Quantity: Sold as a set
  • FMSI: D1286


  • Excellent for light trucks and SUVs
  • High friction and fade resistance
  • 15% brake improvement
  • Minimal brake disc/rotor wear
  • Medium dust
  • Brake-In coating for accelerated pad bed in period