04+ Nissan Frontier Brake Package - Front Kit

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Stage 1 Street Plain Front Brake Kit by EBC®. Enhance your daily driving with confidence and peace of mind. With the EBC Premium Street Brake Kit, you will forget about brake shudder or embarrassing brake squeal when coming to a stop. The kit combines the Ultimax Pads and stock replacement rotors for the ultimate OEM pad and rotor combination at an affordable price. The anodized layer is designed to disappear in the area that the brake pads contact the rotor. 



- Sized and shaped to original equipment specifications with extremely tight tolerances
- Designed to meet or reduce factory levels of heat buildup, brake noise, vibration, and wear
- Black GEOMET™ and NITROTHERM™ anti corrosive finish
- Recommended by EBC for normal street driving, high performance street driving, truck or SUV use, drifting, and short track runs
- High quality "gray" iron features a higher carbon content to reduce brake shudder, heat cracking, and high-frequency vibrations which cause squealing
- Vented center allows air to pass between both rotor sides for more effective cooling
- EBC recommends a 500 mile break in period with lighter braking application
- Patented AF42/66 pad friction material features a low level of metallic compounds that reduces rotor wear by up to 50%
- Produces low amount of brake dust
- Backing plate and side edges of brake pad are black powder coated for resistance to corrosion
- Pad surfaces have chamfered edges to reduce contact against rotor lip that forms over time and causes squealing
- Center gap allows for proper heat expansion of brake pads
- Built in noise-reducing shims
- Patented Brake-In™ red top coating provides better grip during the first 100 miles after new pads are installed
- Patented Brake-In™ red top coating scours off any existing glaze or heat spots from brake rotor surface for more even surface mating